February 29, 2024

All-flash file and object software delivers hot-to-cold data solution in tandem with Quantum ActiveScale

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Corporation (NASDAQ: QMCO) announces that XENON Systems, a leading high-performance computing and complex data storage specialist, has purchased Quantum Myriad™, an all-flash, scale-out file and object storage software platform. XENON will offer Myriad to their customers with demanding data-intensive workloads that require high speed infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) models and multi-variant simulations across life sciences, medical research, engineering, and other high-performance computing use cases. XENON already sells Quantum ActiveScale™ object storage to their customers who are generating massive data sets and need to build a secure, low-cost private storage cloud that allows rapid and secure access to their growing research and data sets. Now, with Myriad and ActiveScale, XENON customers can uniquely achieve comprehensive end-to-end data management, unifying different classes of storage - from their hottest data to their coldest data - all from a single vendor.

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