March 1, 2024

World-Leading Pharmaceuticals Company Secures Global Manufacturing Assets Using Breakthrough ARIA Cybersecurity Solution

Top 5 pharmaceutical in a multi-million dollar deal deploys AZT PROTECT to protect critical assets from cyberattack

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a CSPi business (NASDAQ:CSPi), announced today that one of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers has selected ARIA Cybersecurity's AZT PROTECT™ solution to protect its critical infrastructure from a new wave of sophisticated cyberattack. The US-based multinational corporation, a Fortune-500 company with billions of dollars in annual revenue, in a multi-million dollar deal will deploy AZT PROTECT across its global manufacturing, protecting over 40 facilities in response to the growing cybersecurity threat to operational technology (OT) from hostile nation states, terrorism, and organized cybercrime.

AZT PROTECT is the first-of-its-kind solution developed to protect OT environments from attacks such as those inflicted on Merck, WestRock, Clorox, and the SolarWinds attacks that impacted thousands of companies across its supply chain. The pharmaceutical industry is particularly vulnerable to sophisticated cyberattacks that are proven to bypass existing cyber defenses. Such an attack on the industry would have far-reaching financial, reputational, and regulatory consequences, and could even impact patient access to important medicines.

Unlike leading next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and endpoint detection response (EDR) solutions, AZT PROTECT is custom-built for OT environments, offering protection against the most advanced zero-day and supply chain attacks, without the need for continuous cloud updates resulting in weekly production downtime interruptions to apply updates and patches. AZT PROTECT neutralizes attacks in real time as they try and execute in device memory, stopping the attacks before they cause harm. It leverages a patented AI-driven technique to continuously analyze executable code, scripts, and processes.

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Launched in July 2023, AZT PROTECT is being deployed in industrial settings that use OT to manage physical infrastructure supporting functions such as R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. A major Fortune-500 chemical manufacturer recently rolled out AZT PROTECT to protect its critical production applications. The solution is also being deployed by a major western intelligence agency to protect its critical intelligence gathering and analysis operations from cyberattack. [WA1]

"A cyberattack on a pharmaceutical's facility could lead to theft of intellectual property, compromised safety and quality, regulatory fines, and major disruption to manufacturing processes. And yet many companies in the industry are ill-prepared to protect their critical assets from a new wave of cyberthreat that can bypass network-based protections and modern cloud-based NGAV solutions," says Gary Southwell, General Manager of ARIA Cybersecurity. "This new contract with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies to deploy AZT PROTECT is another endorsement for our breakthrough approach to OT cybersecurity that protects critical production environments from all forms of attack, including those never seen before."


ARIA Cybersecurity Solutions, a business of CSPi Inc., recognizes that better, stronger, more effective cybersecurity starts with a smarter approach. Our solutions provide new ways for organizations to protect their most critical assets-they can shield their critical applications from attack with our AZT solution, while monitoring internal traffic, device-level logs, and alert output with our ARIA ADR solution to substantially improve threat detection and surgically disrupt cyberattacks and data exfiltration. Customers in a range of industries rely on our solutions to accelerate incident response, automate breach detection, and protect their most critical assets and applications-no matter where they are stored, used, or accessed. Learn more at


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