Viatris Completes All Previously Announced Divestitures with the Closing of its OTC Business Divestiture

DENVER, Colo., Jul 03, 2024 ( Viatris Inc. (NASDAQ:VTRS) stated that it closed the divestiture of its Over-the-Counter (OTC) business to Cooper Consumer Health, which brings to substantial completion all of the divestitures announced in October.

Scott Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Viatris, stated, “Closing the divestiture of our OTC business is a significant milestone in the execution of our strategic plan.

“With all our previously announced divestitures now substantially complete, Viatris is stronger and more streamlined. We look forward to an exciting future in which we continue to build on our very strong base business and add to our innovative product pipeline to drive strong future revenue growth and positively affect even more patients’ lives worldwide.”

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