March 4, 2024

Vertical Aerospace Ltd. (NASDAQ: EVTL) Up Over 22% and Climbing On News of Pre-Delivery Payment Commitment from American Airlines

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Vertical Aerospace Secures Pre-Delivery Payment Commitment From American Airlines

  • Vertical Aerospace has secured a pre-delivery payment commitment from a major customer; American Airlines confirms delivery slots for 50 VX4 eVTOL aircraft
  • American placed a conditional pre-order of up to 250 VX4s with an additional 100 options in June 2021
  • Together, Vertical and American will build upon their existing joint working group to collaborate on a framework for exploration of the future of advanced air mobility and potential markets for eVTOL operations in the United States
  • The piloted VX4 electric aircraft will fly four passengers with zero operating emissions, minimal noise and at distances of over 100 miles

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