Versus Systems Joins the Party

DENVER, Colo., Oct 12, 2023 ( With a bunch of listings running in this morning’s premarket, a handful are separating from the rest and Versus Systems Inc (NASDAQ:VS) has joined that party.

Ault Alliance is trading at $0.528, up $0.299 (+130.58%), on 7.43M premarket shares traded.Its 52-week range is $0.1825 to $4.35. Like most of these, it recently hit a 52-week low, but this one has a history of making big one or two day moves, so it may not be a trend reversal move. 24/7 MARKET NEWS, INC Disclaimer24/7 MARKET NEWS (“24/7 MN”) is dedicated to covering various underreported segments of the stock markets. Our goal is to help you to better understand these markets, but 24/7 MN is neither an investment advisor nor a financial advisor, and no information provided here is to be interpreted as a suggestion to buy or sell stocks or other investment products. All opinions, news, research, analysis, prices or other information contained on, its press releases, or other services are provided for educational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. You are solely responsible for the investment decisions you make. Please go to or for further information.

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