Vast Renewables Follows Through Recent Financial Results Report

DENVER, Colo., Apr 01, 2024 ( Vast Renewables Limited (NASDAQ:VSTE) announced, on Thursday, its first half of the Company’s fiscal 2024 operational and financial results, and it continues to follow through in this morning’s premarket.

“The support Vast has received from our strategic partners has been very meaningful to the progress of our company, both from a financial as well as operational standpoint,” Craig Wood, CEO of Vast, stated. “Canberra Airport Group and EDF Australia have shown their enthusiasm for CSP and their commitment to the clean energy transition through their commitments to Vast, with each bringing their own strategic imperatives to the partnerships with an eye to sustainable aviation fuel production and clean energy production. We are very excited to progress and expand our relationships with these two firms.”

“I am pleased by the progress on Vast’s VS1 project and excited by the partnership we have so far forged with Worley,” said Mr. Wood. “Bringing VS1 online using our CSP v3.0 technology will be a team effort, and we could not have selected a better teammate. Initial engineering on this first-of-its-kind project is crucial to its success, and we are confident in Worley’s approach. As VS1 moves forward through calendar 2024, we will look to further expand our world-class team.”

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