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July 25th 2019 (247MarketNews) When others are trying to figure out what’s happening, we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make things happen.

Think that I’m exaggerating? Take a look at the American Revolution and you’ll see that sticking around for others to take care of business is not how we do things.

Yes, fixing problems, no matter what they are, is in our DNA.

There may not be a better modern example than the southern border security wall. Despite the fact that the foundational issue of President Trump’s presidential campaign was accompanied by thousands of supporters chanting “Build the wall”, as you know, the federal government hasn’t lifted finger to address this seminal issue.

As if on cue war Hero, Brian Kolfage stepped up to the plate.

If you don’t know Brian’s story, he answered our country’s calling, becoming the most wounded airman to survive his wartime injuries, and he needs our help.

Brian decided that, since the government wasn’t taking care of its obligations and build a wall that’s supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans, it was up to him to spearhead the efforts to take care of our country’s southern security at the border.

Kolfage, despite being a triple-amputee Air Force veteran, founded We Build the Wall, which, unlike congress has, completed the only border security wall while President Trump has been in office.

The first section of southern border security barrier that Brian’s efforts completed were paid from a portion of the over $20 million raised by We Build the Wall from nearly 400,000 patriot Americans’ donations to and

Click here if you’d like to make a donation to help build the wall!

This first section of border security barrier was erected at strategic location and received massive media coverage, which recently landed Brian to place eighth on Time’s top 25 most influential people on the internet.

Brian is preparing to move forward with the next section of border wall at another strategic location, but he needs your help to make an even bigger impact.

Brian scouted multiple trouble sections, along our southern border, and is preparing to deploy the next tranche of We Build the Wall funds to build the next section to help stem the flow of illegal migrants, drugs and criminals, from flowing onto our streets.

Brian and the rest of the We Build the Wall team realizes that they can’t build the entire 2,000 miles of southern border security wall, but the great news is that they don’t need to. You see, the federal government funded much of the security barrier needed for the public portion along the southern border, We Build the Wall is focused on protecting the privately owned areas and sending the message that Americans aren’t going to idly sit back and wait for the Democratic Congress to do their job, especially after they took the money from taxpayers years ago for the same job!

Despite promising to not take even a single penny in compensation, Brian has taken heat from the lying media, yet he shows up every time our country has needed him. Let’s not leave him without backup for this fight to save our country.

This is a the message that, if it takes hold, that will spread across many issues and become a major step in taking back our government from the special interests and liars that have hijacked it for their personal needs. Please help Brian and the We Build the Wall team, which includes over 400 thousand Americans, take this project to protect you, and your family, to the next level.

Brian is speaking live today at  Listen to the immigration experts who are dealing with the southern border crisis daily.

Every American has a duty to protect its borders from drugs, and human trafficking; it’s time we stood up for our country.

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