Trio Petroleum Commences Oil Sales from McCool Ranch Field

DENVER, Colo., Apr 24, 2024 ( Trio Petroleum Corp (NYSE:TPET) said that it will make its first sale and shipment of oil produced at the McCool Ranch Field in Monterey County, California, this week, as it plans to ship approximately 2,100 barrels of oil that were produced primarily from the HH-1 well, which it brought back online in late February of 2024. TPET expects to net approximately $105,000 from this sale.

Additionally, TPET is commencing drilling activities on the Asphalt Ridge project in Uintah County, UT and complete the Company’s first well on this asset in the next two weeks.

“These are positive next milestones for our Company,” stated Michael Peterson, CEO of Trio Petroleum Corp. “It is very encouraging to see these next steps happen in the transition from the exploration and de-risking of these promising oil and gas assets into potentially scalable cash-flowing resources. We look forward to providing further updates as we drill our first well on the Asphalt Ridge Asset and restart production on additional wells and selling of oil produced from both the McCool Ranch and Presidents Fields in the months ahead.”

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