The Nooner by 24/7 Market News for June 22, 2022

(24/7 MARKET NEWS) A bunch of short squeezes and small cap biotechs/pharmas are in play.

Revlon’s (NASDAQ:REV) bear trap continues to move, at $8.44, up $2.38 (+39.27%), after hitting a high of $9.89, on more than 126 million shares traded.

Phoenix Motor Inc. (NASDAQ:PEV) had a forgettable IPO, a couple of weeks ago, but hit its all-time high of $7.75 today and is at $7.3005, up $3.8805 (+113.46%), on nearly 29 million shares.

Redbox Entertainment (NASDAQ:RDBX) has drifted down for the past few sessions, but remains in a healthy consolidation range of $10.3299, down $1.2701(-10.95%), on over 6 million shares.

It’s doubtful that Exela Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:XELA) hits a billion shares traded, but 540 million shares, so far, is still impressive volume and the billion isn’t out of the question, as it may be setting up for another wave this afternoon. Trading at $0.208, $0.0717 (+52.60%) higher.

Precision Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:DTIL) is trying to reverse its downward trend, at $1.545, up 0.155 (+11.15%), on over 31 million shares traded.

Mereo BioPharma Group (NASDAQ:MREO) is down, but continues to hold gains from last week’s media buyout target report, trading at $1.4617, $0.2283 (-13.51%) lower, on more than 15 million shares.

If Vivakor Inc. (NASDAQ:VIVK) can breakthrough he t$2.74 level, on high volume, it may try to challenge the $3 range. It’s currently at $2.6215, $0.5215 (+24.83%), on about 1.4 million shares traded.

Charge Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ:CRGE) is challenging resistance from over 3 months ago and could get even more interesting soon. It’s at $6.03, 24 cents (+4.15%) higher, on over 700 thousand shares.

Boxed Inc. (NYSE:BOXD) is holding most of its gains, trading at $2.2701, up $0.6601 (+41.00%), on nearly 55 million shares, after hitting a session high of $2.44.

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