February 23, 2024

TechTarget Partners with G2 to Provide B2B Technology Buyers Unparalleled Access to Decision Support Content that Uniquely Meets Their Research Needs Across the Entire Purchase Cycle

New partnership combines TechTarget’s leading independent editorial and G2’s authentic user-generated B2B software reviews to deliver powerful, contextually relevant content experiences to audiences of both networks


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TechTarget, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTGT), the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and marketing services today announced a new strategic content sharing partnership with G2 that will uniquely support the needs of B2B enterprise technology buyers as they navigate the purchase cycle. As part of this new partnership, each organization will be launching powerful new contextually relevant content experiences that will combine the leading independent expert editorial of TechTarget with G2’s trusted and authentic user-generated B2B software reviews:

  • G2 TechBlend: A new content solution which offers a blend of insights, news and analysis on trends in B2B technology buying that will incorporate TechTarget’s contextually relevant editorial content from over 200 highly targeted enterprise technology categories.
  • New site features throughout TechTarget’s network of highly targeted enterprise technology websites will feature access to over 2.4M trusted and authentic peer reviews from the G2 marketplace, arming readers with direct access to valuable contextual insights into tech products and services available within very specific markets.

Unique Content Experiences, Combined Value for Enterprise Tech Buyers

“Today’s B2B tech buyers are progressing further through the buying cycle than ever before speaking to a vendor. Throughout this journey, they look to trusted online sources to educate themselves on the specific solutions that will help their organizations address the challenges they face,” said Rebecca Kitchens, President, TechTarget. “TechTarget and G2 provide are both leaders in their respective areas, and each offers robust content experiences and different but complementary traffic sources. When combined, they add tremendous value to self-service buyers at the exact point of their research – no matter what buying stage they’re in. By exposing our content to each other’s audiences, we can bring insights that significantly better serve the needs of B2B tech buyers, which is why we are so excited about this partnership.”

“Recognizing how quickly the B2B technology landscape evolves, we’re proud to partner with TechTarget to introduce G2 TechBlend as a new solution for delivering the most relevant and up-to-date information in the enterprise technology sector,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “The combination of G2 reviews and TechTarget insights will allow readers to discover solutions aligning with the same business strategies they’re reading about in real time. Likewise, the ability to discover TechTarget content on G2 TechBlend will help the G2 audience bridge the gap between the solutions they’re researching, and timely trends occurring in that space.”

Both TechTarget and G2 are committed to providing high value content and resources to help B2B tech buyers make better, more informed decisions:

  • TechTarget is the leading source of enterprise technology decision support content with an audience of 30 million opt-in B2B enterprise tech buyers and 200M annual visitors globally. Featuring 150 highly targeted technology-specific websites, 1,000 editors & contributors and 25 years of editorial expertise, TechTarget delivers independent advice, tips and strategies for buyers researching solutions across every major technology category.
  • G2 is the largest and most trusted B2B software marketplace, driving more than 90 million visitors annually. It provides authentic user-generated reviews and comparisons to deliver important down funnel insight from peers on more than 150K products and services across the market.

To learn more, see this new feature on TechTarget and G2.

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