Breaking News: Siyata Mobil Inc. (NASDAQ:SYTA) Zachs Small Cap Research says $7.0

Analysts: There are three analysts covering Siyata Mobil (NASDAQ: SYTA) however they are not current and do not reflect recent shares issued1 during recent funding.  Prices range from $1. To more than $10.0

Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ:SYTA) could easily trade over $10


I believe everyone should pick up a few hundred shares of (SYTA) while its trading below an analyst’s $7 price target.

It’s tougher than ever to trade Nasdaq Small Cap stocks and win. Stocks that make parabolic moves, 100% or more, often turn into equally explosive losses that trap traders and investors.

Powerful algorithms and seasoned traders take advantage of any structural weakness and exploit passive long-term shareholders.

That’s why skilled pattern day traders seem to do great and regular small cap Nasdaq investors don’t.

Knowing when to take a position and wait or exit can be paramount to your investing and trading success.

Understanding why some stocks move is an even more important investment consideration than what the company actually does.

I’ve been covering the markets, and numerous companies, for 25 years and I understand the ingredients for a great set up.

Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ:SYTA) is a good setup that could quickly become a great setup and you’ll want to own it, before the algos and market maestros buy it up.

*The Float and Outstanding shares are under 600k, while the market cap is $1.8M and would only be $4.8M if the stock hits $7 *

The risk reward scenario is in your favor. If I’m right, the stock could move past $10 and buyers under $5 should be able to make 100% or more, as the Company performs.

*It’s traded from this level to $5 twice in the past 3 months and a bigger catalyst could easily eclipse that. *

60% quick short-term profits for some on those trades.

Traders and others will be FOMOed into buying shares at a profit from early investors reading this now.

Mission Critical Communications for University of California, Davis Fire

The Thesis for owning Siyata (NASDAQ:SYTA)

Here is the Zachs Small Cap Research $7 price target synopsis.

Siyata Mobile is a global developer of innovative cellular-based communications products and solutions. Siyata’s complementary product categories include 1) rugged handheld mobile devices, 2) in-vehicle communications solutions, and 3) cellular amplifiers to boost cellular signals. In January 2022, Siyata completed a public offering raising $20 million in gross proceeds and raised $8.1 million in equity capital in the first nine months of 2023. We believe 2024 will be a strong growth year for Siyata

On November 20, 2023, the company indicated there are five catalysts for growth and free cash flow in 2024: 

1. Increasing order flow domestically and internationally. 

2. New products such as Siyata Real Time View and SD7+ will open additional first responder and fleet management markets. 

3. The company may secure purchase order financing to facilitate its inventory needs going forward. 

4. SYTA plans to increase its partnerships with the largest carriers, transitioning all of them to cobrand Siyata Mobile products. 

5. Siyata plans to increase sales and strengthen strategic relationships by continuing to bring the best first responder communications devices to market.

There are many noteworthy highlights from full report (attached above), but the following statement jumped off the page.

“Under this scenario, we maintain our split adjusted price target of $7.00 for SYTA stock, which is a decrease from prior targets due to the additional dilution from equity capital raises in 2023 and the potential for future equity issuances.” Goldman Small Cap

“$7.00 is also the liquidation value for the company as the tangible book value per share is approximately $7.70 as of the end of the 3rd quarter of 2023.”

This means if the company fails the value is significantly higher than where it trades today under $7.

It also means that, if the company succeeds, its true valuation is much higher than today’ s price and the current price target of $7.

If you’re wondering why Siyata’s trading at this steep discount, that’s because it made a few financing mistakes, including announcing its intention to do a significant financing at $3, the month before the financing was set to close.

This opened the door for shorters and funders to short its stock, forcing the company to execute the funding in the 60-cent range and settling for considerably less cash than what was needed, which resulted in another reverse stock split.

The 2 reverse stock splits back-to-back hurt its shareholders, at the time, but opens up opportunity for new investors.

When the stock ran back to $5, in December, an investment bank notified its holders that they were “in the money” on Siyata and to take profits, subsequently funders who bought at 60-cents, before the reverse, dumped their shares.

So, the previous share overhang is gone and the next overhang will be buyers at $7, and not again until over $10, as people take profits.

The company cannot do another reverse stock split for a year, minimum, which means that they must focus on shareholder friendly transactions.

“Nasdaq can Delist companies who do more than 1 reverse stock split with a culminative ratio of 1-250 or more shares over the prior 2-year period. “

The stock has only dipped below $3 for a few minutes this year.

This means your chances for trading Siyata over $5 are better than your chances of losing money on a big down move. That’s 9X more upside than downside, based on recent history.

Expected Catalysts:  Revenue and Profits Expectations.

The perfect ingredients of a low float mixed with expected News catalysts could turbo charge profits on this stock.

Siyata implemented several shareholder friendly business model improvements to ease the cash intensive order flow and partnered with a finance company for Purchase Order funding and are encouraging their carriers to Box and Stock some of the devices.

The CEO stated, “We plan to garner additional support from our carrier partners and bring what we believe are the most rugged, reliable first responder communications products in the world today. Our goal is to be boxed and stocked by all the carriers at some point, which should greatly increase our sales directly from the carriers and expand our agency and business-to-business sales.

“In addition, it will make it much easier for the launch of our upcoming SD7+ which is our all-in-one bodycam push to talk communicator to gain sales traction after its upcoming 2024 launch.

“Our success created some growing pains this year, as is often the case for companies undergoing rapid growth, and the company raised capital to help facilitate increasing upcoming orders. We currently pay for all our inventory upfront, and our capital needs have increased with these orders.

“Our number one goal is to be cashflow positive by mid-2024 and we will have created significant shareholder value along the way.”

Cash flow positive would be a win for every shareholder, short and long term, and would see the company run on earnings Vs news. This would allow the company to raise any additional capital above the $10 range and would see growth explode much faster and higher than previously predicted.

The company continues to release new partnerships and orders news, and could announce something big any moment.

Take a position below the liquidation value of $7.00 and bet on the win.

24/7 Market News Editor


Siyata’s (NASDAQ: SYTA) line of rugged mobile devices for first responders. Learn about Siyata’s SD7 push to talk over Cellular that looks and feels like a radio.

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