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TELUS International (Cda) Inc. Subordinate Voting Shares

Symbol: TIXT (NYSE)
5.75 ▼ (-2.46%) -0.145

Company Description:
TELUS International (Cda) Inc is a digital customer experience innovator that designs, builds, and delivers next-generation solutions. Its clients include companies across several verticals, including Tech and Games, eCommerce and FinTech, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Communications and Media, and Healthcare. The solutions offered by the company include Digital Experience, Customer Experience, Advisory Services, and Back Office and Automation among other services. Geographically, it derives a majority of its revenue from the European region.

Key Stats
  • Today's Open: $5.85
  • Today's High: $5.88
  • Today's Low: $5.647
  • Today's Volume: 284.31K
  • Yesterday Close: $5.89
  • Yesterday High: $5.89
  • Yesterday Low: $5.7399
  • Yesterday Volume: 223.85K
  • Last Min Volume: 23.10K
  • Last Min High: $5.745
  • Last Min Low: $5.745
  • Last Min VWAP: $5.745
Company Profile
  • Name: TELUS International (Cda) Inc. Subordinate Voting Shares
  • Website: https://www.telusinternational.com
  • Listed Date: 2021-02-03
  • Location: ,
  • Market Status: Active
  • CIK Number: 0001825155
  • SIC Code:
  • SIC description:
  • Market Cap: $1.58B
  • Round Lot: 100
  • Outstanding Shares: 275.00M
  • Asset Type: CS
Filing DateFiling TypeFormat
2024-02-16SC 13D/AView
2024-02-14SC 13G/AView
2024-02-13SC 13G/AView
2024-02-13SC 13G/AView
2024-02-13SC 13G/AView
2024-02-13SC 13G/AView
2024-02-12SC 13G/AView
2024-02-09SC 13G/AView
2024-02-08SC 13G/AView
2023-12-08SC 13GView
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