Siyata Mobile and FirstNet Tweet Highlights Their Unique Position for First Responders

DENVER, Colo., Sept 22, 2023 ( If there’s an expert on all things Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ:SYTA) and FirstNet, AT&T’s (NYSE:T) nationwide wireless communications network that was designed and built specifically for first responders, that person is Doug Clark and his tweet succinctly breaks down how the two companies are uniquely positioned to address a very large, but underserved, market.

Exciting news for first responders looking to deploy or upgrade their radio network!

I am proud to announce that Siyata Mobile in partnership with FirstNet built with AT&T are providing the SD7 mission critical handset to first responders as a stocked device similar to consumer handsets.

Having personally delivered push to talk solutions and Firstnet services for a decade, this is the first time that public safety has a true mission critical nationwide network, an MCPTT handset, and PTT solution (FirstNet rapid response) that provides trunking features and P25 interoperability with a familiar radio handset cellular device across dedicated public safety spectrum. I am proud to be working with both Siyata and AT&T who put FIRST RESPONDERS FIRST and are creating innovative PTT devices for public safety.

Congratulations to AT&T for being the first US cellular carrier to stock a Mission Critical PTT cellular radio device dedicated to first responders and public safety. Well done!

Clark is an industry veteran who joined Siyata after spending 20-plus years with AT&T, most recently as FirstNet’s Assistant Vice President, where he was in charge of building and operating its State Outreach and Consultation organization to deliver first responder cellular connectivity across all 56 U.S. states and territories.

Combining FirstNet’s first responder and network and Siyata Mobile’s portfolio of in-vehicle, and rugged devices, enable first responders and enterprise workers to instantly communicate, over a nationwide cellular network of choice, is a move that helps increase situational awareness and save lives. Plus, Siyata’s next generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular devices, cellular booster systems, and video monitoring solutions enable first responders and enterprise workers to amplify cellular signals in remote areas, inside structural buildings where signals are weak and within vehicles for the maximum cellular signal strength possible.

The bottom line is that the two companies are leveraging their strengths to provide first responders with tools that performance amplifying game-changers and their wider acceptance in the space should provide both companies with years of growth opportunities.

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