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Maravai LifeSciences Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MRVI) is trading higher after reporting business updates and its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year 2023.

Maravai’s financial highlights included updated full year 2024 revenue guidance range of $265-285 million.

MRVI is trading at $8.08, up $2.97 (+58.12%), on 15,529,835 shares. Its 52-week range is $4.52 to $16.62.

“We closed out a challenging 2023 with better than forecasted demand for our Nucleic Acid Production products, including for CleanCap and custom chemistry,” said Trey Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Maravai. “Thanks to our team’s strong execution, the cost reductions we implemented in the fourth quarter and our revenue outperformance, we delivered a 28% adjusted EBITDA margin in the fourth quarter.”

Martin continued, “Maravai remains focused on expanding our product portfolio, advancing our market leadership in the mRNA space, and accelerating the introduction of innovations that support our customers’ rapidly evolving needs. We see continued pipeline progression among our customers’ development programs and are excited for our base business opportunities in 2024.”

Digital currency miner, Bit Origin Ltd (NASDAQ:BTOG) unveiled its strategic alliance agreement with Mner.Club to enhance their stature within the cryptocurrency mining landscape and positions Bit Origin for augmented growth through this partnership.

BTOG is trading at $5.21, up $0.24 (+4.83%), on 1,452,592 shares. Its 52-week range is $1.25 to $11.40.

“This alliance is poised to extend our market influence, reinforcing our mission to ensure superior value creation for all stakeholders,” stated a Bit Origin representative.

Houston based Intuitive Machines (NASDAQ:LUNR) provided a day one lunar surface update, reporting that Odysseus is alive and well, as flight controllers are communicating and commanding Odysseus, which is upright, solar charging, and transmitting telemetry.

Intuitive Machines teamed up with SpaceX, which launched the mission from Kennedy Space Center February 15th 2024, atop SpaceX Falcon 9 that successfully put the Nova-C Lander into orbit which went on an 8 day trip to successfully get into lunar orbit, and then the lunar surface.

LUNR is trading at $10.947, up $2.667 (+32.21%), on 57,340,777 shares. Its 52-week range is $2.0894 to $38.98.

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