PCTEL Receives FCC Regulatory Certification for New Industrial IoT Radio Module


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PCTEL, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCTI), a leading global provider of wireless technology solutions, today announced receipt of certification from the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) for its Industrial IoT Radio Module.

PCTEL’s Industrial IoT Radio Module, RM-WIFI-AC-2X2-HP, meets rigorous requirements for Industrial IoT applications, helping users in increasing operational efficiency with reliable connectivity. This rugged, high power 802.11ac WiFi radio module supports 5 GHz WiFi bands and can be installed in a wide variety of products that accept standard mini-PCIe cards. Purpose-built to support industrial applications targeting a range of end markets including utilities, fleets, manufacturing, automation, mining, and oil and gas, this module’s small form factor makes it ideal for integration into wireless IT platforms. Its high transmit power provides reliable connectivity.

Chintan Fafadia, Vice President IIoT Device Product Management, commented, “We are excited to announce the FCC certification for our new IIoT radio module. It is a significant milestone in our strategy to expand PCTEL’s Industrial IoT devices offerings in the U.S. Along with ongoing development of our antenna products and wireless test and measurement solutions, PCTEL continues to expand its capabilities and product offerings for the Industrial IoT market worldwide, with high performance and ruggedized wireless connectivity solutions including Wi-Fi access points and multi-connectivity and multi-sensor platforms.”

PCTEL’s Industrial IoT Radio Module previously received European regulatory certification.

Contact the PCTEL team of experts to learn more about the RM-WIFI-AC-2X2-HP.


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