February 24, 2024

Patent Issuance Pushing AI-Powered Autonomous Vehicle Technologies Listing

DENVER, Colo., Dec 7, 2023 (www.247marketnews.com)- Cyngn Inc (NASDAQ:CYN) Announced, this morning, that it was issued its 17th new patent, US-11,837,089-B2, for the Company’s autonomous vehicle (AV) and driving solutions. This one is designed to protect Cyngn’s modular extensible behavioral decision system for autonomous driving that aims to incorporate elements of the environment such as regions of interest and objects to inform a series of decisions made by the autonomous vehicle.

Cyngn is trading at $0.36, up $0.12 (+49.79%), on 8.1M shares traded.

Its 52-week range is $0.17 to $1.3808. This reversed its downward trend when it bounced off of its 52-week low last month and is at a key inflection point, with the next resistance at 45-cents. If it can breakthrough that, on strong trading volume, it may try to challenge the 60-cent level.

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