P3 Arizona Announces New Medical Clinic in Cochise County, Arizona


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P3 Health Partners Inc. (“P3”) (NASDAQ: PIII), a patient-centered and physician-led population health management company, today announced that P3 Health Partners, LLC dba P3 Health Partners-Arizona (“P3 Arizona”) has acquired the practice of Dr. Leonardo Serfino, M.D., in Sierra Vista, Ariz.

Dr. Serfino, who specializes in internal medicine, will continue to support his existing patients, as well as accept new Medicare Advantage patients. Dr. Serfino and his staff will now become part of the P3 Health Partners Professional Services PC dba P3 Health Partners Medical Group (“P3 Health Partners Medical Group”).

P3 Arizona has an expansive network of more than 1,400 affiliated primary care providers and supports thousands of patients throughout Cochise, Pima, Santa Cruz, Yuma, and Yavapai Counties.

“One of the critical steps in transforming healthcare from a reactive fee-for-service model to a value-based care model is partnering with practices that align with our core belief that engaging the physician and empowering the patient provides the most direct path to improving outcomes, reducing costs, and enhancing the healthcare experience,” said David Yarger, Arizona market president, P3 Arizona. “We are pleased to add Dr. Serfino’s practice to the P3 Health Partners Medical Group. As an outstanding doctor and a well-respected member of the community, Dr. Serfino will continue to provide the highest level of care to meet the individual needs of the patients in Sierra Vista and the surrounding communities.”

“After being part of the P3 network for a number of years, my staff and I are excited to now become part of the P3 Health Partners Medical Group,” said Dr. Serfino, practice owner. “I am pleased to join an organization that shares our commitment of treating the entire patient, not just the illness and looks to improve overall patient outcomes through a value-based care model.”

About P3 Health Partners (NASDAQ: PIII):

P3 Health Partners Inc. is a leading population health management company committed to transforming healthcare by improving the lives of both patients and providers. Founded and led by physicians, P3 has an expansive network of more than 2,500 affiliated primary care providers across the country. Our local teams of health care professionals manage the care of thousands of patients in 18 counties across five states. P3 supports primary care providers with value-based care coordination and administrative services that improve patient outcomes and lower costs. Through partnerships with these local providers, the P3 care team creates an enhanced patient experience by navigating, coordinating, and integrating the patient’s care within the healthcare system. For more information, visit www.p3hp.org and follow us on @p3healthpartners and Facebook.com/p3healthpartners.

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