OneMedNet Expands iRWD Network and Platform More than Five-Fold

DENVER, Colo., May 23, 2024 ( OneMedNet Corporation (Nasdaq:ONMD) expanded of its proprietary iRWD network and platform by more than five (5)-fold, through a series of new network partnership agreements, including the one it recently signed with an undisclosed nation-wide medical records custodian.

“As demonstrated by this significant expansion of our network, we continue to successfully execute against the key pillars of our growth strategy,” said Aaron Green, OneMedNet’s President and CEO. “Our vision is to harness the full potential of RWD to drive innovation in healthcare. By providing our customers with comprehensive access to valuable, regulatory-grade clinical data across our growing network, we are not just furnishing more numbers — we are delivering the de-identified and hard-to-curate information needed to help foster a new era of medical excellence.”

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