Nurix Therapeutics Presents Positive Results from Ongoing Clinical Trial Data at EHA2024

DENVER, Colo., Jun 17, 2024 ( Nurix Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:NRIX) presented updated NX-5948, an orally bioavailable degrader of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK), clinical data from an ongoing Phase 1a/b clinical trial in adults with relapsed or refractory B-cell malignancies, in an oral session at the European Hematology Association Congress (EHA2024).

“The current results from this study of advanced patients are very impressive for this early stage of development and we are optimistic that NX-5948 has the potential to be an exciting breakthrough for patients with relapsed CLL, particularly in light of the emerging patterns of resistance to the currently available targeted therapies,” said Dr. Kim Linton, M.B.Ch.B, MRCP, Ph.D., FRCP, senior lecturer at the University of Manchester, a consultant at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and an investigator on the clinical trial. “As a clinical investigator, it is highly gratifying to be able to offer patients who are refractory to other therapies a once daily, oral drug that can address a range of CLL disease states.”

“The responses we are observing across the entire CLL cohort at all dose levels are extremely encouraging. As a next step, we will expand the Phase 1b portion of the trial across a range of CLL subpopulations to prepare for initiation of pivotal, registration-directed clinical evaluation in 2025,” commented Nurix’s chief medical officer, Paula G. O’Connor, M.D. “While we did not cover the clinical activity data from the NX-5948 study in the various subtypes of NHL in this presentation, we have observed responses across subtypes including complete responses in patients with advanced DLBCL, MCL, MZL, and PCNSL, as well as consistent responses in advanced WM. We look forward to presenting additional data from the study for both CLL and NHL as it matures and to providing further details around our plans for the next stage of development of NX-5948.”

“With a growing body of positive clinical data, demonstrated activity in the CNS and a favorable safety profile, NX-5948 is emerging as a best-in-class medicine that has the potential to provide an important treatment option for patients with CLL and NHL,” said Nurix’s CEO and president, Arthur T. Sands, M.D., Ph.D. “We intend to move rapidly forward with the goal of initiating pivotal trial(s) with NX-5948 in 2025.”

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