February 24, 2024

(NASDAQ:STAB) 24/7 Market News: up more than 50% pre market on heavy volume on the 27th news

FORT COLLINS, Colo. ,  April 27, 2022  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Statera Biopharma  (Nasdaq:STAB) (the Company), a leading biopharmaceutical company creating next-generation immune therapies that focus on immune restoration and homeostasis, announced today that the Company entered into a non-binding term sheet with respect to a strategic agreement with  Immune Therapeutics , Inc. (OTC-PINK: IMUN), a drug development and commercialization company, to sell Stateras rights to naltrexone and met-enkephalin. The transaction is contingent upon negotiation of a definitive agreement and satisfaction of a number of closing conditions, including a contingency on  Immune Therapeutics  financing.

The agreement with Immune will enable us to strengthen our financial position with a transaction that has the potential to produce significant non-dilutive cashflow to fund our other programs. For instance, Statera is beginning to chart a new course in the immunotherapy field by pursuing molecules that act on Toll-like Receptor pathways similar to Naltrexone, said  Michael K. Handley , President and Chief Executive Officer of  Statera Biopharma . It also will help advance our new product candidates for treatment of a variety of immune-related diseases that have no cure.

Under the anticipated terms of the agreement, Statera will receive an initial  $2 million  upfront payment and 5% of the issued and outstanding stock of  Immune Therapeutics . Additionally, Statera will receive payments for achievement of revenue-based milestones, new indications and royalties, Crohns disease and COVID-19 indications and regulatory approvals, as well as any other payments from  Immune Therapeutics  in exchange for Stateras rights to any product containing low-dose naltrexone as an active ingredient. Potential indication payments will include asthma, multiple sclerosis, HIV and chemotherapy. In aggregate, this transaction has the ability to generate over  $400 million  in non-dilutive payments to Statera.

Stateras naltrexone assets will be a great addition to our immune-modulation products and immunotherapy technologies, said  Kevin Phelps , CEO,  Immune Therapeutics . We believe that they can significantly enhance our ability to combat chronic, lifethreatening diseases and bring hope to millions of patients and their families.

About  Statera Biopharma

 Statera Biopharma  (formerly  Cytocom, Inc. ) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies targeting autoimmune, neutropenia/anemia, emerging viruses and cancers based on a proprietary platform designed to rebalance the bodys immune system and restore homeostasis. Statera has one of the largest platforms of toll-like receptor (TLR) agonists in the biopharmaceutical industry withTLR4 andTLR9 antagonists, and theTLR5 agonists, Entolimod and GP532.TLRs are a class of protein that plays a key role in the innate immune system.Statera is developing therapies designed to directly elicit within patients a robust and durable response of antigen-specific killer T-cells and antibodies, thereby activating essential immune defenses against autoimmune, inflammatory, infectious diseases, and cancers. Statera has clinicalprograms for Crohns disease (STAT-201),hematology (Entolimod), pancreatic cancer (STAT-401) andCOVID-19 (STAT-205) in addition to potential expansion into fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.To learn more about  Statera Biopharma , please visit www.staterabiopharma.com.

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