(NASDAQ:SOPA) has acquired Singapore based Gorilla Networks.  Shares are moving up on increasing volume trading at $2.25 a share on 3700 trades. Up more than 8% this morning.

Society Pass (SoPa) Acquires Singapore-based Gorilla Networks, a Next-Gen Blockchain/Web3 Mobile Virtual Network Operator to Drive SEAs Growing Demand for a New Meta-Economy Experience


  • Society Pass (SoPa) makes its first Singapore acquisition, Gorilla Networks, a leading next generation Blockchain/Web3 mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).
  • Gorilla Networks is the first blockchain/Web3-enabled MVNO to offer contract-free, on-demand mobile service as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users convert unused mobile data into digital assets- Gorilla GO tokens
  • With mobile data network coverage in over 160 countries, Gorilla Networks expects to dramatically increase its user base and expand throughout Southeast Asia with the rebound of the travel market in 2Q/3Q 2022
  • SoPa will incorporate Gorilla Networks proprietary blockchain/Web3 technology onto the rest of SoPa ecosystem to drive SEAs growing demand for a new meta-economy experience

SINGAPORE, June 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire Society Pass Incorporated (“SoPa) (Nasdaq:SOPA), Southeast Asias leading data driven loyalty and ecommerce ecosystem, announced today that it acquired Singapore-based Gorilla Networks Pte Ltd (Gorilla), a leading next generation Web3-enabled MVNO.

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