(NASDAQ:IMMX) IMMIX BIOPHARM INC. share are rallying this morning in pre-market up to $2.66 a share.  Shares are up more than 43% on more than 21,000 trades one hour before the open.

ImmixBio IMX-110 Demonstrated Improved Survival Over U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approved Drug Trabectedin (sold as YONDELIS by Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson Company) in Connective Tissue Cancer Soft Tissue Sarcoma Mice Study

  • One cycle of IMX-110 produced 75% survival vs. 0% survival for Trabectedin (sold as YONDELIS by Janssen, a Johnson & Johnson Company, a U.S. FDA approved drug)
  • In a connective tissue cancer Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) mice study, IMX-110 was compared against approved drugs
  • IMX-110 is in clinical development for STS, a $3 billion market expected to grow to $6.5 billion by 2030

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