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Atlanta, GA ,  April 28, 2022  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trust Stamp  (Nasdaq:IDAI, Euronext Growth: AIID ID), the  Privacy-First Identity Company TM, announces the launch of its Biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (Biometric MFATM) solution. The first-of-its-kind Biometric MFATM streamlines robust identity assurance with a simple selfie. Built on Trust Stamps advanced biometric tokenization, Biometric MFATM is spoof-resistant, verifies liveness, and replaces or supplements vulnerable one-time passcodes (OTP).

Learn more about the transformational Biometric MFATM solution and become a Trust Stamp partner here.

Biometric MFATM sits wherever OTP is currently deployed in an authentication process, providing a low-friction alternative that is more secure and privacy-positive. With one step, Biometric MFATM adds a second and third authentication factor by testing liveness and irreversibly tokenizing data from a simple selfie, eliminating the need for passcodes from SMS, email, authenticator apps, or hardware tokens.

Trust Stamps biometric authentication and data tokenization technologies have demonstrated success in enterprise implementations, with increased customer retention and reduced fraud losses. With established efficiency at scale, the unique Biometric MFATM offering is at the cutting-edge of digital transformation. Forward-thinking organizations can now craft dynamic digital journeys that keep pace with global customer desires and needs, as well as the evolving fraud landscape.

Device-based multi-factor authentication is vulnerable, says  Kinny Chan , Trust Stamps Chief Commercial Officer. Passwords and passcodes arent enough to ensure that genuine, authorized users are accessing their own accounts or initiating transactions. Biometric MFATM lets partners layer intuitive, convenient, and seamless identity authentication where vulnerable passcodes are used today.

Trust Stamps Identity Orchestration Platform streamlines delivery and implementation of the Companys technologies through a low-code approach. With applicability across the full identity lifecycle, including onboarding, KYC/AML, Biometric MFATM, account recovery, fraud prevention, compliance, and more, the platform puts partners in a position to develop and deliver value-added solutions, create new business opportunities, and grow commercial potential with innovative, privacy-first services.

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