24/7 MN – (NASDAQ: ACRX) stock is moving up this morning on news from Seeking Alpha about the company’s plan B.

The stock is up 23% in early trading on more than 5400 trades and 3.4 million in volume. Shares are trading around .31

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AcelRx Pharmaceuticals: Finally, Plan B


  • On May 16, 2022 ACRX announced the company was in active discussions with potential commercial partners to take on DSUVIA.
  • In such case, ACRX would essentially give up the main asset on which its story was built on so far.
  • The company has acquired further assets over the past twelve months, ensuring a basis for further revenue.
  • Without knowledge of the DSUVIA deal it is hard to assess the prospect, so I retain a Neutral rating with a tilt to Buy, as I believe in some short-term upside potential.

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