Killer Stocks to Continue Watching This Week for Intraday Breakouts.

The theme of the site has been breaking news that’s moving markets. This week will be no different as we have had many substantial moves in stocks over the last 2 weeks.

(NASDAQ:ILAG) Huge volume on Friday with Huge Gains up more than 100% into the close at $4.69 this stock should offer more upside and volatility for intraday traders.

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”ILAG”]

(NASDAQ:AMTD) shares of this company are well off the highs of $12.90 last week, but the quick and sudden decline in price was not followed by enough volume for shorts to have covered. This stock moved more than a dollar intraday Friday and could see more volatility this week. The stock is at $4.48 in after-market action. I am looking for an intraday move on this stock and would not hold it as the company is likely to do financing with all the welcomed trading. (I don’t care if it makes money, I don’t invest in Chinese stocks.)

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”AMTD”]

(NASDAQ:PEGY) closed 40% on Friday on volume of more than 31 million and closed at $3.63. the stock is poised to continue trending north and volatility should offer traders some nice intraday moves on the stock. 

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”PEGY”]

(NASDAQ:APDN) still has some appeal even though the Monkey Pox epidemic in the US is 7610 confirmed cases according to the CDC as of this post. The company just completed an offering keeping this stock from going much higher, but it was only for $12 million dollars and there are many shorts that have yet to cover. The epic run-up of more than 870% should give traders lots of volatility into the next week to make intra-day gains possible.  The stock closed at $5.81 and still had more than 126,000 trades on 41 million shares of volume. 

[mstock id=”73007″ asset=”APDN”]

Some others worth mentioning. (NASDAQ:RDBX), (NYSE:AMC) and (NASDAQ:GOVX.) there are many others, but these will be on my watchlist for intraday breakouts all week.

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