GSK and CureVac Restructuring Existing Collaboration into New Licensing Agreement

DENVER, Colo., Jul 03, 2024 ( GSK plc (NYSE:GSK) and CureVac N.V. (Nasdaq:CVAC) stated that they are restructured their existing collaboration into a new licensing agreement, which allows each company to prioritize investment and focus their respective mRNA development activities.

GSK and CureVac have worked together to develop mRNA vaccines, since 2020, and, under the terms of the new agreement, GSK will assume full control of developing and manufacturing these candidate vaccines. GSK will have worldwide rights to commercialize the candidate vaccines, while CureVac will receive an upfront payment of €400 million and up to an additional €1.05 billion in development, regulatory and sales milestones and tiered royalties in the high single to low teens range.

GSK’s Chief Scientific Officer, Tony Wood, stated, “We are excited about our flu/COVID-19 programs and the opportunity to develop best-in-class mRNA vaccines to change the standard of care. With this new agreement, we will apply GSK’s capabilities, partnerships and intellectual property to CureVac’s technology, to deliver these promising vaccines at pace.”

CureVac’s CEO, Alexander Zehnder, commented, “The collaboration with GSK has been instrumental in developing promising, late clinical-stage vaccine candidates, leveraging our proprietary mRNA platform. This new licensing agreement puts us in a strong financial position and enables us to focus on efforts in building a strong R&D pipeline.”

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