ROYAL OAK, Mich., Sept. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, the global supplier of graphite Graphex Group Limited (NYSE American: GRFX | HKSE: 6128), announced it has entered into an agreement with the Jixi Mashan Government on a project for a new production facility located in the Jixi (Mashan) Graphite Industrial Park (the “Project”). The agreement will allow Graphex to increase its annual production of graphite while establishing a graphite deep processing and production facility. The new site will have an intended output of 20,000 metric tons of high-purity spherical graphite in Phase I and an additional 10,000 metric tons of high-purity spherical graphite and 10,000 metric tons of battery anode materials in Phase II of the Project respectively.


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