February 24, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: FSD (NASDAQ:HUGE) Unveils Videos Demonstrating Positive Effects of Lucid-MS in Treating Multiple Sclerosis in Pre-Clinical Models (Mouse Models) click to read

HUGE Analyst Report Suggests 400% gains are Imminent

HUGE is an exciting low float Biotech stock and, if TAG Investment Bankers are right, it could quickly grow a $5,000 trade into a $25,000 payday or much more.

Not sure, but FSD Pharma’s (NASDAQ/CSE: HUGE) run to hit its 52-week high took off from about the same price, shot up 200% in a few weeks, and FSD is much stronger now.

Strong enough that a new analyst report reasons that HUGE should gain 400% to reach fair value and, if the 52 high move is an indication, you’ll need to act quick, because it only took a few weeks for HUGE to run from about $1.50 to nearly $4.50

Not sure, but FSD Pharma’s (NASDAQ/CSE: HUGE) run to hit its 52-week high took off from about the same price, shot up 200% in a few weeks, and FSD is much stronger now.

Strong enough that a new analyst report reasons that HUGE should gain 400% to reach fair value and, if the 52 high move is an indication, you’ll need to act quick, because it only took a few weeks for HUGE to run from about $1.50 to nearly $4.50

Watch now: FSD (NASDAQ:HUGE) Unveils Videos Demonstrating Positive Effects of Lucid-MS in Treating Multiple Sclerosis in Pre-Clinical Models (Mouse Models)

That’s right, TAG Investment Bankers’ research report, commissioned by the Company, lays out 5 solid cases on how HUGE could unlock potential 5X returns, as “FSD Pharma’s combination of 3 potentially ground-breaking drugs which address sizable markets, a strong financial position and rejuvenated management team appears not to be reflected in the company’s current stock market valuation” and I’m urging all readers to check out FSD before their next action.
Since FSD is focused on advancing 3 exciting Lead Molecular Assets • FSD-PEA • Lucid-MS and • Lucid-PSYCH, the action here should happen early and often.
HUGE currently trades at a sizable discount to its peers, despite the obvious value of becoming an early mover in developing psychedelic assets to address perplexing neurodegenerative diseases, so you can load up for what could be your “moonshot” rocket ride.
Imagine what happens when a low-priced stock, with more than $40 M in cash and operating in one of the most promising fields in a new frontier of medicine, New Chemical Entities (NCEs), advances its novel neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorder treatments focused pipeline.
Well, considering that we’re in a blazing hot biotech market, it should mimic the hundreds of other monster movers, like Biogen (NAS:BIIB) when news broke and sent it to almost $470.
FSD (NAS/CSE:HUGE) fortified its “total brain health” mandate with its all stock acquisition of Lucid Psycheceuticals (Lucid), which “licensed worldwide exclusive rights to a patent portfolio of preclinical new chemical entities from the University Health Network (UHN), a world-leading research hospital and North America’s largest health research organization.”
Lucid-MS’s initial neurodegenerative target, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorder that is currently treated as an autoimmune disorder, but Lucid and UHN’s new MS approach includes the goal of Remyelination to reverse and prevent MS neurodegeneration, without interacting with the immune system. Lucid’s lead compound, Lucid-21-302 is a new chemical entity that potentially prevents and even reverses Myelin degradation in the brain and is based on 10+ years of research data. Dr. Kotra stated that “We have obtained convincing preclinical data in multiple MS animal models.”

“Estimated global sales for MS treatments today range from about $21 billion to $28 billion.”

Lucid’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Lakshmi Kotra is a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Toronto and senior scientist at UHN’s Krembil Brain Institute and is scheduled to transition to the lead role for FSD Pharma’s therapeutics development pipeline in Psychedelics. A more qualified expert to lead FSD’s efforts may not exist.

“Depression, anxiety, dementia and similar conditions often are early symptoms to more serious neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis” 2​

Lucid’s first mental health target is major depressive disorder (MDD) that’s characterized by depressed mood or loss of interest in pleasure for at least two weeks, as well as periods of remission and relapse during a person’s life. MDD affects 300 million people worldwide, including 13 M adults in the U.S. and cause $210 B annual economic burden in U.S.
Research studies suggest that the Psychedelic therapeutics Market size is projected to grow from $4.75B, in 2020, to $10.75B, by 2027; growing at a CAGR of 12.36% during 2021-27, while another estimated that the global market for anti-inflammatory drugs in 2020 was $97.8B and predicted to grow at a 5.2% CAGR to reach $130.9B in 2026. The discrete anti-inflammatory biologics market was forecast to grow at a 5.2% CAGR in the same period to US$67.4B, with an estimated $28B of that being in the US.
$ 0 Billion
IN 2020
$ 0 Billion
IN 2027
FSD is advancing 3 very sexy NCEs to deliver on “Total Brain Health”, as the needed legal framework is just now catching up with this trend, and no comparable companies have drugs that are being developed for all three of the PEA, Psychedelics and Multiple Sclerosis addressable markets. FSD is targeting several $billion markets with novel solutions and may be protected by insurmountable barriers to entry, so it has no direct comparisons.
Assuming some market penetration, down the road, and that it trades on par with the NYU Stern School of Business, PE Ratio for US markets Drugs/Biotech industry, of 31, it doesn’t take much for it to reach long term valuations that are too crazy high for me to print. Surely, management ran the numbers, recognized the same disconnect, and determined that an analyst report was needed to help explain the value to the market, even if the Company had to pay for the report.
For example, the report mentions Eliem Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ELYM), which IPO’ed a few weeks ago, has a ~$500M market cap. That’s 8+ times more than HUGE’s market cap!

“The Eliem valuation should be of particular interest to investors given that it is the only company within this group which specialises in PEA yet trades at a market capitalisation significantly in excess of FSD, despite FSD having US$43m in net cash and recently acquired Lucid.”

COMPASS Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS) is developing a proprietary psilocybin formulation for treatment-resistant depression, and is also pre revenues, has a 1.7B market cap- 30X HUGE.
HUGE’s $fifty-something million market cap suggests that, once the street learns about what it’s up to, it should make some massive moves that parallel its achievements.

Simple math shows the possibilities of HUGE on a valuation basis alone could easily justify 10x today’s prices or more.

From controlling disease processes to simply feeling better, we’re just beginning to appreciate how inflammation and anti-inflammatory treatments affect our everyday lives.
FSD-PEA, which successfully completed Phase 1 first-in-human safety and tolerability trial with no serious adverse effects reported, is a proprietary formulation that enhances the anti-inflammatory properties of PEA, by increasing its bioavailability and efficacy, making it suitable to treat a range of inflammatory conditions.
Unlike the meme plays, HUGE offers a strong value proposition for fundies, by reporting over $40M in cash/equivalents on its balance sheet and may sell its non-core real estate asset, adding millions to its war chest. At these prices, it’s almost an even cash exchange, plus shareholders receive a free bonus coupon for a trailblazing high upside company, so no FUD.
Plus, since aggressive exploration of mergers and acquisitions is engrained in management’s DNA, I expect to hear about upcoming moves, including licensing opportunities in legal psychedelic therapeutics, which are in line with FSD’s strategic vision to expand the pharma development pipeline and generate new opportunities to create significant Shareholder value.
FSD’s leadership team actions confirm their belief in HUGE’s future. For example, it’s been reported that founders, who are also the Interim CEO and President, have not “sold a single share in HUGE they held personally” and priced their own stock options at $1.85 per share, while Lucid agreed to a 100% stock transaction, priced at $1.97 per share.


News flow often drives stocks and innovative therapies to help address today’s health crisis is gaining momentum. The biotech wealth generating bonanza isn’t ending anytime soon and the trailblazers should be handsomely rewarded for positive milestones, like successful trials, and other fruitful developments.

‘FSD’s ability to deliver on “Total Brain Health” is supported by the fact that comparable companies do not have drugs which are being developed for all three of the PEA, Psychedelics and Multiple Sclerosis addressable markets.’

Get ahead of the curve, before Psychedelic stocks become the rage and are the hot Reddit play, and the industry exposure demand causes massive inflows.
The bottom line is that you need to hurry, because the new management team is making big $HUGE moves and you want to be here, before their next big breakthrough.
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