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Peabody, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2022 -- Henry Ford once said that "the best we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence." This wisdom translates to the corporate world, as well. Companies—no matter their size—are smart to follow this advice when searching for insurance solutions, which include alternative risk captives.
Why are these smart choices? As Ford suggested, captives calculate risk and put the future in the hands of the policyowner. Members take control of their own destiny with customized coverages and, consequently, achieve lower costs through state-of-the-art risk management technology platforms, proactive safety and loss prevention programs, claims oversight and litigation management. All of these key solutions for insurance may seem like a lofty goal, but that's not the case if companies partner with eMaxx, one of the nation's leading tech-enabled captive providers. This industry pioneer pools the best legal, IT, risk management and claims specialists in a variety of operating companies to deliver customer satisfaction. However, one of its shining features is its ability to offer integrated insurance solutions.
This idea of integration combines the profit-sharing of finite risk policy with the complete transfer of risk associated with traditional policies. One of its hallmarks is seamless delivery of a variety of benefits (including workers' compensation, group health and disability) alongside case management, policy customization, profit-sharing and tech-infused risk management implantation.
This innovative proactive perspective of commercial coverage wins every time for most companies. The options are diverse. Coverage insurance solutions include tailor-made programs for commercial property and casualty. They also offer loss prevention and safety, claims investigation and oversight and litigation management, as well as underwriting, training and telematics technology from 50+ providers nationwide. All of this is possible in a variety of insurance vertical sectors, such as waste, energy, recycling, utilities, construction, crane and rigging, transportation and towing. This specialization is comforting to companies, big and small, that want to be confident in the expertise of its provider to set sufficient rates to protect the client yet be competitive. They must have the depth and breadth to understand the inherent risks of the specific industry based on experiences with similar businesses. The end-result is an unparalleled program that reaches to include financial risks that might be uninsurable in traditional markets, but a viable solution in an alternative structure. Down-the-road obstacles such as currency fluctuations or changing commodity prices will not be an issue.
If your company is looking for diverse coverages that incorporate employee training, risk management, complete claim management, litigation management, custom coverage with the opportunity to participate in decision-making and outstanding cost reduction, then eMaxx is the answer. Call this seasoned team directly or through affiliated agents or brokers to learn more.

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