Cerus Corporation Announces Workshop and Abstracts at the 2022 AABB Annual Meeting

Workshop and Abstracts Highlight the Favorable Impacts Associated with the INTERCEPT Blood System for Platelets and the INTERCEPT Blood System for Cryoprecipitation in Clinical Settings


Matt Notarianni – Senior Director, Investor Relations

Cerus Corporation


Cerus Corporation (Nasdaq:CERS) today announced a selection of abstracts and an industry workshop at the 2022 AABB Annual Meeting, taking place in Orlando, FL from October 1 through October 4. This year’s AABB Annual Meeting attracts individuals and institutions from around the globe involved in the fields of transfusion medicine and biotherapies. This year marks the first time the conference has taken place in person since 2019, as well as its 75th anniversary.

The following is a select list of presentations and abstracts of interest for Cerus. All presentation times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Oral Presentations

  • Sunday, October 2, 2022 – 4:30 p.m.– Impact of 100% Pathogen Reduction and 7-Day Storage on Platelet Safety and Availability in France – Plenary Abstract Session
  • Monday, October 3, 2022 – 7:00 a.m. – Cerus Industry Workshop

Poster Presentations

Held between Sunday, October 2 and Monday, October 3, 2022

  • Impact of Pathogen Reduction (PR) vs. LVDS Testing on Platelet Availability: A Study Based on Real-Life Experience
  • Comparing Usable Shelf-Life of Pathogen Reduced Platelets vs LVDS Screened Platelets
  • Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex Restores Fibrinogen Levels, Clot Firmness and Thrombin Generation in a Hemodilution Model
  • Survival and Growth of Bacteria during Manufacturing and Storage of Cryo-AHF Compared to Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex

The full program of Cerus-related abstracts can be found at the following link: https://intercept-usa.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2022/09/2022-AABB-Abstract-Book-FINAL-nocrops.pdf

Cerus representatives will be in the exhibition area at booth #1108.


Cerus Corporation is dedicated solely to safeguarding the world’s blood supply and aims to become the preeminent global blood products company. Headquartered in Concord, California, the company develops and supplies vital technologies and pathogen-protected blood components to blood centers, hospitals, and ultimately patients who rely on safe blood. The INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets and plasma is available globally and remains the only pathogen reduction system with both CE mark and FDA approval for these two blood components. The INTERCEPT red blood cell system is under regulatory review in Europe, and in late-stage clinical development in the US. Also in the US, the INTERCEPT Blood System for Cryoprecipitation is approved for production of Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex, a therapeutic product for the treatment and control of bleeding, including massive hemorrhage, associated with fibrinogen deficiency. For more information about Cerus, visit www.cerus.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

INTERCEPT and the INTERCEPT Blood System are trademarks of Cerus Corporation.

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