BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund, Inc. Announces Terms of Rights Offering



BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund, Inc. (NYSE: HYT) (the "Fund") today announced that its Board of Directors (the "Board") has approved the terms of the issuance of transferable rights ("Rights") to the holders of shares of the Fund's common stock (par value $0.10 per share) ("Shares") as of September 20, 2022 (the "Record Date"). Holders of Rights will be entitled to subscribe for additional Shares (the "Offer") at a discount to the market price of the Shares.

After considering a number of factors, including potential benefits and costs, the Board and the Fund's investment adviser, BlackRock Advisors, LLC (the "Adviser"), have determined that it is in the best interests of both the Fund and its shareholders to conduct the Offer and increase the assets of the Fund available to take advantage of existing and future investment opportunities that may be or may become available, consistent with the Fund's primary investment objective of providing shareholders with current income and secondary objective of providing shareholders with capital appreciation. All expenses of the Offer will be borne by the Adviser, and not by the Fund or any of the Fund's shareholders.

The Adviser believes this is an attractive time to raise additional assets for the Fund based on several factors, including the following potential benefits:

  • Opportunities in the high yield market: High yield credit spreads have increased since the end of 2021 and the sector offers some of the highest yields in the fixed income market1
  • Rewards for shareholders: the Offer provides shareholders with an opportunity to buy new Shares below market price or realize value from the sale of Rights
  • Enhanced liquidity: the Offer creates the potential for increased trading volume and liquidity of Shares
  • Lower expense ratio: the Offer is expected to spread fixed operating costs across a larger asset base

The Fund expects to maintain its current distribution level following the Offer. Additionally, the Fund declared a regular monthly distribution payable on September 30, 2022, with a record date of September 15, 2022, and a regular monthly distribution payable on October 31, 2022, with a record date of October 5, 2022, neither of which will be payable with respect to Shares that are issued pursuant to the Offer as such issuance will occur after these record dates. Shares issued pursuant to the Offer will be entitled to receive the monthly distribution expected to be payable in November.

1Bloomberg US High Yield 2% Issuer Cap Total Return Index

Certain key terms of the Offer include:

  • Holders of Shares on the Record Date ("Record Date Shareholders") will receive one Right for each outstanding Share owned on the Record Date. The Rights entitle the holders to purchase one new Share for every 5 Rights held (1-for-5); however, any Record Date Shareholder who owns fewer than five Shares as of the Record Date will be entitled to subscribe for one Share. Fractional Shares will not be issued upon the exercise of Rights.
  • The subscription price per Share (the "Subscription Price") will be determined on the expiration date of the Offer, which is currently expected to be October 13, 2022, unless extended by the Fund (the "Expiration Date"), and will be equal to 95% of the average of the last reported sales price per Share on the New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE") on the Expiration Date and each of the four (4) immediately preceding trading days, provided that, if such price is equal to or above net asset value (“NAV”) per Common Share at the close of trading on the NYSE on the Expiration Date, the Subscription Price shall be reduced to $0.01 below NAV per Common Share at the close of trading on the NYSE on the Expiration Date (the "Formula Price"). If, however, the Formula Price is less than 90% of the Fund's NAV per Share at the close of trading on the NYSE on the Expiration Date, the Subscription Price will be 90% of the Fund's NAV per Share at the close of trading on the NYSE on the Expiration Date. The Subscription Price will be determined by the Fund on the Expiration Date.
  • Record Date Shareholders who fully exercise all Rights issued to them can subscribe, subject to certain limitations and allotment, for any additional Shares which were not subscribed for by other holders of Rights at the Subscription Price, subject to the right of the Board to eliminate this over-subscription privilege. Investors who are not Record Date Shareholders but who otherwise acquire Rights in the secondary market are not entitled to participate in the over-subscription privilege. If sufficient Shares are available, all Record Date Shareholders' over-subscription requests will be honored in full. If these requests exceed available Shares, they will be allocated pro rata among those fully exercising Record Date Shareholders who over-subscribe based on the number of Rights originally issued to them by the Fund.
  • Rights are transferable and are expected to be admitted for trading on the NYSE under the symbol "HYT RT" during the course of the Offer and will cease trading one day before the Offer’s Expiration Date (September 20, 2022 through October 12, 2022). During this time, Record Date Shareholders may also choose to sell their Rights.

The Offer will be made only by means of a prospectus supplement and accompanying prospectus. The Fund expects to mail subscription certificates evidencing the Rights and a copy of the prospectus supplement and accompanying prospectus for the Offer to Record Date Shareholders within the United States shortly following the Record Date. To exercise their Rights, shareholders who hold their Shares through a broker, custodian or trust company should contact such entity to forward their instructions to either exercise or sell their Rights on their behalf. Shareholders who do not hold Shares through a broker, custodian, or trust company should forward their instructions to either exercise or sell their Rights by completing the subscription certificate and delivering it to the subscription agent for the Offer, together with their payment, at one of the locations indicated on the subscription certificate or in the prospectus supplement.

The information in this press release is not complete and is subject to change. This document is not an offer to sell any securities and is not soliciting an offer to buy any securities in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted. This document is not an offering, which can only be made by a prospectus. Investors should consider the Fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. The Fund's prospectus supplement and accompanying prospectus will contain this and additional information about the Fund and additional information about the Offer, and should be read carefully before investing. For further information regarding the Offer, or to obtain a prospectus supplement and the accompanying prospectus, when available, please contact the Fund's information agent:

Georgeson LLC

1290 Avenue of the Americas, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10104


The Fund’s at-the-market offering of Shares, including the distribution and sub-placement agent agreements related thereto, will be suspended during the course of the Offer.

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