Battles raging in “Pochinki” and “Tilted Towers” have created big moves up for stock market traders.

If you notice your kid doing the wiggle, flossin or yelling “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner,” then you know he’s been spending hours playing Fortnight, or Players Unknowns Battlegrounds.

Game makers have upped the ante with the release of Bluehole’s “Player Unknowns Battle Grounds,” and Epic Games “Fortnight.” Both battle royal games, that have now amassed hundreds of millions of players worldwide, and should exceed Billions of dollars in sales and in Game merchandise as they gain in popularity and add additional platforms.

PUBG who is being published in agreement with Microsoft (MSFT) has announced they have sold an estimated 50 million copies of the game, on PC and the XBOX one console to date.  MSFT released PUBG in beta form at the end of last year in time for the holiday’s and expect to releaser the finished version of the game this year. NASDAQ:MSFT was around $80.00 in December and today crossed over $100,000.

Epic Games Smash hit Fortnight, owned by Tencent Holdings (OTC:TCEHY) announced today they have reached 125 million players worldwide, across all platforms available for the game which includes XBOX, SONY and NINTENDO as well as mobile. Fortnight is free to play, but has in-store purchases that have been raking in hundreds of millions of dollars a month since its launch, and is expected to grow.

Analysts are all over the map on the value added to MSFT, SNY and others in subscription sales, and other revenue streams, but investors should take notice of the recent run in Turtle Beach’s stock (NASDAQ:HEAR) which has gone from $1.64 cents to close today at $22.20.  The company is experiencing significant sales increases due to needing a headset for team play on PUBG and fortnight.

These games are gaining momentum during the summer months, and as PUBG finalizes the console version, fixing the beta’s bugs and Fortnight continues gaining users, these games could see explosive results in the upcoming holiday months.

We can also expect gaming titles like Battlefield by (NASDAQ:EA) and Call to Duty, by (NASDAQ:ATVI) to add battle royal modes to their staple games, which could reward investors who plan ahead for what is shaping up to be an exciting 4th quarter.