ASAP Offers First LSU-Wide Student-Athlete NIL Deal

App Delivering on Support for All Collegiate Sports  


ASAP, the on-demand delivery brand for Waitr Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: WTRH), today announced a new NIL offer for all student-athletes at Louisiana State University (LSU). This innovative offer spans all collegiate sports at the university as the fall schedule kicks off for men and women sports.

Under the proposal, every player at LSU who accepts the NIL deal will promote the newly rebranded delivery app on their social media accounts. The student-athletes will be compensated for orders created from their social media accounts.

ASAP will work with MatchPoint Connection, a leader in the NIL industry, to facilitate the prospective agreements with the athletes. NIL agreements allow college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness.

“It’s important for ASAP to support local communities and student-athletes of all sports as they represent their school so well,” said Carl Grimstad, CEO and Chairman of the Board of ASAP, Inc. “It’s an honor for us to celebrate these young men and women, who work hard every day to be the best in their chosen competitive arenas.”

“The goal of NILSU is for all of our student-athletes to sustainably and responsibly maximize their opportunities in the Name, Image, and Likeness space. We will continue to use NIL deals to facilitate their holistic growth, through increased education, branding, and opportunity,” said Scott Woodward, LSU Athletic Director. “We are grateful for this opportunity extended to all of our student-athletes by ASAP and for the continued support of the entire community in this new and evolving landscape.”

The new offers are the latest NIL agreements the company has made with college athletes. ASAP (previously named Waitr) partnered with former LSU football star Derek Stingley Jr. and Alabama star Christian Harris. The Company has also partnered with several college baseball players.

“MatchPoint is proud to work with ASAP on a campaign that embodies NIL for all and provides a direct way for every fan to support LSU athletes. We have facilitated NIL deals for hundreds of LSU athletes since July 2021, so we are prepared to deliver the support needed to execute at such a large scale,” said Krystal Faircloth, MatchPoint Connection Chief Brand Officer.

ASAP will have a strong presence for LSU sporting events this year as ASAP is the “Official Mobile Ordering Partner of LSU Athletics.” In addition, ASAP is sponsoring Coach Brian Kelly’s weekly press conference.

About ASAP, the on-demand delivery brand for Waitr Holdings Inc., is an online ordering technology platform using the “deliver anything ASAP” model making it easy to order food, alcohol, convenience, grocery, flowers, auto parts and more at your fingertips and get them delivered ASAP. Its proprietary in-stadium mobile ordering technology now provides an enhanced fan experience at sports and entertainment venues, allowing fans to place orders from their favorite in-stadium concessions, directly from their seats. Additionally, the platform facilitates access to third parties that provide payment processing solutions for restaurants and other merchants. It provides a convenient way to discover, order and receive a wide variety of on-demand products – ASAP. As of June 30, 2022, operates in approximately 1,000 cities throughout the United States.

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