NASDAQ:ANGN is a stock below $20.00 with a $100.00 Price Target

Imagine purchasing a house, in today’s red hot market, at a 60-80% discount, because the realtor misplaced the spare key.

Of course, everybody knows that would never happen, but I’m about to tell you about something that’s just as favorable, timely, and crazy.

I bought Angion Biomedica (NASDAQ: ANGN) shares because it’s positioned to deliver some very exciting news, regarding its two key trials, around the corner.

This undervalued stock’s market cap is less than 2.5 times its reported ~$130M in cash/equivalents (over $4.40/share), so they’re well-funded through this year’s significant catalysts.

 Plus, it just blasted through the 50 day moving average!

ANGN is institutionally owned, has a tight float, tiny outstanding share count, and it’s hard to borrow, so the low share supply means that it can run hard on the next good news.

That helps explain why the analysts pegged ANGN to run to their $38-100 price targets; making it one that you don’t want to miss!

Of course, you should perform further research and decide if this rocket ride is for you, but surely you’ve seen how lots of Biotechs skyrocket on FDA approval news.

Upcoming catalysts will bring more “smart” money into this stock, following Vanguard, Franklin, Blackrock, JP Morgan, and other leading institutional investors, as the ongoing trials come to their completion with expected results.

ANGN was overlooked by all the Meme hype, but it’s one of the few stocks in an overbought market that still holds that type of upside potential for anyone lucky enough to get these deeply discounted shares (median analyst $40 target price).

The stock currently trades around $13, which means that, if the Suits or analysts are correct, ANGN should be an easy 200% gain for most people who buy now

The experts are projecting between a triple and going nearly 10 fold

  • Stifel- “BUY” with a $40.00 Price Target
  • Oppenheimer- “OUTPERFORM” and a 12-18 month Price Target of $38.00
  • H.C. Wainwright “BUY” with a 12-month Price Target of $100 per share

Angion (NASDAQ:ANGN) was down on expected news about a trivial trial. How expected? The patient and remedy profile contrasted Angion’s protocols. For example, “patients in our ongoing trials receive ANG-3777 within 1-3 days after the targeted organ injury,” but the ALI-201 trial waited, on average 11 days, before treatment.

Management should be praised for agreeing to try to help severely ill patients, who were lacking other options, so the recent price action is a gift for those who’re just learning about ANGN and I used it to grow my position for the anticipated upside. If the next trials, ANG-3777 Phase 3 trial in transplant-associated acute kidney injury and the ANG-3777 Phase 2 proof-of-concept trial for acute kidney injury associated with cardiac surgery involving cardiopulmonary bypass, are great, the price targets are very realistic.

Founded in 1998, more than $200 million was spent developing Angion’s innovative technological assets, like ANG-3777, a hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) mimetic that enhances a pathway activated by the body’s response to injury. In other words, it’s a new way to address acute lung, kidney, and heart injuries, which are obviously very large markets and deeper clinical development for novel treatments means additional shots on goal – ANG-3070, a tyrokine kinase inhibitor (TKI), a ROCK2 inhibitor, and a CYP11B2 aldosterone synthase inhibitor.

Angion appears to represent a total paradigm shift for organ healing therapeutics. With no currently approved treatments to prevent or reduce the severity of DGF and the U.S. Dept. of HHS wanting to double the number of kidney transplants, by 2030, ANG-3777’s potential to proactively accelerate the healthy repair process in cells may be the answer.

In addition to targeting the 3 most vital organs, there are numerous expansion possibilities, including spinal cord injuries and cerebral ischemia/stroke.

ANGN’s licensing agreement with Vifor Pharma, one of the world’s leading nephrology (kidney) focused pharma firms, which generates $1.8 B in revenues, means that we should expect, upon approval, to see rapid sales and usage ramp up.

Furthermore, on top of drastically improving the patient’s recovery experience, hospitals have over $5.4 Billion reasons (AKI’s estimated annual cost to hospitals, just in the U.S.) to swiftly adopt this type of disruptive solution.

Making money is always great; however, profiting from a company that may improve so many lives, by healing damaged hearts, kidney and lungs, is priceless.

Please review the analyst reports, with their $38-100 price targets, (links attached below) and take action!

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