AGBA and Triller Combining Companies

DENVER, Colo., Apr 18, 2024 ( AGBA Group Holding Limited (NASDAQ:AGBA) and Triller Corp said that they agreed to combine and the proposed business combination will result in a valuation of approximately $4 billion on a pro-forma basis.

Bobby Sarnevesht, Thiller’s CEO, stated, “Through this merger, we are poised to accelerate our innovation trajectory and significantly expand our market presence, creating unparalleled value for our users and stakeholders globally. In addition, with the transaction approved by both company boards and majority shareholders, we believe this is the most efficient route for Triller to access public capital markets and secure the liquidity needed for rapid growth. Triller’s Digital Media, Social Selling, AI, Combat Sports, and SaaS businesses have experienced tremendous growth, and this merger positions Triller to achieve new milestones.”

Wing-Fai Ng, Group President of AGBA Group Holding, said, “With a rich history of setting records and making bold moves, we believe Triller is now on the brink of an exciting future. Its groundbreaking technology, coupled with an aggressive and strategic business model, positions it not just as a formidable competitor to tech giants but as a potential game-changer in the industry. AGBA’s expertise in capitalizing on financial value from complex developments and rapid growth will provide the fuel for Triller’s rocket ships. Together, we have a lot to accomplish.”

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