24/7 Market News Wrap for 6 Oct 2023

DENVER, Colo., Oct 6, 2023 (www.247marketnews.com)- The following companies were among the listings that we covered this week; IceCure Medical Ltd. (NASDAQ:ICCM), Femasys (NASDAQ:FEMY), SeaStar Medical Holding (NASDAQ:ICU), Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ:SYTA), Vivos Therapeutics (NASDAQ:VVOS), and ParaZero Technologies (NASDAQ:PRZO).

Last week was amazing!

This week? not so much.


The day belonged to the momentum movers, so the only news we covered was IceCure Medical (NASDAQ:ICCM) stating that new data was presented at the EUSOBI Scientific Meeting in Valencia, which we covered IceCure Medical when it was trading at $0.83, up $0.29 (+53.64%), on 534.78K premarket shares traded. We stated that it should fill the gap to about 90-cents, had a little resistance to $1.10 and the following key inflection point is $1.20.

IceCure hit a premarket high of $1.23, but dropped to open the regular session at $0.90. After the open, it dropped further and triple bottomed at the 73-cent low, in the first 80 minutes of trading, so we covered it again at $0.79 and it was free to run to hit a high of $1.16, before closing at $0.8551, up $0.3149 (+58.29%), on volume of 104,845,055 shares traded.

However, the day belonged to Femasys (NASDAQ:FEMY), which continued running, following two announcements last week. We covered Femasys in June, when it was trading at $0.78 and again last week, at $0.93. Femasys hit $4.30 in this premarket and then it hit $4.75, but we cautioned that we would like to see it consolidate in the $3.50 range and hold its gains.


Tuesday belonged to the momentum movers, so we focused on SeaStar Medical Holding (NASDAQ:ICU), which has been running since we covered it last week, at 20-cents. We covered it during its move and stated that it would pop, if it broke through 58-cents, on strong trading volume, which it did and hit 80-cents, before closing at $0.59, up $0.173 (+30.93%), on 177.7M shares traded.


Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ:SYTA) stated that it received an order from the U.S. federal government for its Hero Series UM50 FN cellular boosters, to which Marc Seelenfreund, CEO, stated, “The U.S. federal government represents a large opportunity for us to increase sales and deepen our market penetration. We are encouraged by the possibilities that this initial order represents.”

Siyata Mobile was trading at $3.0609, up $0.2109 (+7.40%), on 75.7K premarket shares traded. We’ve been all over it, since it bounced off of its 52-week low a few weeks ago and called $3.50 the next key inflection point. Siyata opened the regular trading session at $3.14, quickly hit a high of $3.3424 and appeared to be shorted down for the rest of the session to $2.94, up $0.09 (+3.16%), on 294,870 shares traded.

Vivos Therapeutics (NASDAQ:VVOS) news when it was trading at $0.34, up $0.15 (+82.80%), on 43.27M shares traded. It rode a few waves to hit a high of $0.4498, about 2 hours into the regular trading session, but wasn’t able to maintain that level and it closed at $0.3045, up $0.1195 (+64.59%), on trading volume of 251,389,673 shares.


Thursday also belonged to the momentum movers, so we covered Maison Solutions (NASDAQ:MSS) when it was trading at $7.02, up $3.02 (+75.50%), on 2.86M shares traded.         High: It hit a 11.48 High about two hours after we covered it, before closing at $8.96, up $4.96 (+124.00%), trading volume of 9,312,935 shares.


We featured ParaZero Technologies (NASDAQ:PRZO) receiving the first-ever Australian authorization, from the Civil Aviation Safety Agency (CASA), for drones to operate over populated areas and near people, when it was trading at $0.74, up $0.09 (+13.57%), up 811.74K premarket shares traded.

Siyata Mobile (NASDAQ:SYTA) continued to march higher; it hit a high of $3.3899 and is at $3.28, up $0.09 (+2.82%), on 98K shares traded, with about 30 minutes of trading before the regular session closes.

Thank you for joining us this week. Have a great weekend and get ready for next week!

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