24/7 Market News Wrap for 3 Nov 2023

DENVER, Colo., Nov 3, 2023 (www.247marketnews.com)- The following companies were among the listings that we covered this week; Verve Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:VERV), Cellectis (NASDAQ:CLLS), Palantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR), Werewolf Therapeutics (NASDAQ:HOWL), Nerdwallet (NASDAQ:NRDS), and MeiraGTx (NASDAQ:MGTX).

Since we haven’t liked how the market’s been trading, we’re limiting the numbers of listings that we’re covering. However, in putting this weekly review together, the results surprised us. MondayWhen we covered VYNE Therapeutics’ (NASDAQ:VYNE) new preclinical showing the positive effect of its oral small molecule BD2-selective BET inhibitor, VYN202, in preclinical models of psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, combined with an $88M private placement, it was trading at $2.45, up $0.205 (+9.13%), on 555.4K premarket shares traded.It hit $3.99 in the premarket, but pulled back to open the regular trading session at $3.15 and didn’t trade as well in the regular session. It topped out at $3.45, before pulling back to close at $2.77, up $0.525 (+23.39%), on trading volume of 19,821,091 shares.TuesdayTechnical difficulties prevented us from covering any of the premarket action, but most of the listings that we covered traded well, including Verve Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:VERV), which was trading at $11.2401, up $1.8301 (+19.45%), on 237.6K shares, when we covered its news. Today it hit a high of $16.025 and looks like it may have more.WednesdayCellectis (NASDAQ:CLLS) was another example of how tough this week was, as we were going to cover its strategic collaboration and investment agreements with AstraZeneca in the premarket. It traded very well in the premarket, but popped too quick to find an entry point and opened 2.71. However, we spotted it at $2.33, 15 minutes after the open and it ran to $2.99 before closing at $2.64, up $1.67 (+172.16%), on 75,595,080 shares traded. it went on to hit $3.39 in Thursday’s premarket.Aldeyra Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ALDX) was one of the few listings to trade well throughout the day and we covered its exclusive option agreement with AbbVie, for license to develop and commercialize Reproxalap, when it was trading at $2.08, up $0.37 (+21.73%), on 4.68M shares traded. It hit a $2.73 high at noon and closed at $2.54, up $0.83 (+48.54%), on 66,680,191 shares traded.ThursdayPalantir Technologies (NYSE:PLTR) reported its Q3 financial results, including $72 million in GAAP net income. It reported four consecutive quarters of GAAP operating profitability, expanding adjusted operating margins, and it expects adjusted operations income of $184 – $188 million for Q4.Palantir Technologies was trading at $15.73, up $0.80 (+5.36%), on 448.9K premarket shares traded. It hit an $18.30 high before closing at $17.97, up $3.05 (+20.44%), on 170,406,782 shares traded and remains in play.FridayWe covered Werewolf Therapeutics (NASDAQ:HOWL) in the premarket, after it reported preliminary first-in-human clinical data from a multi-center Phase 1/1b clinical trial of Werewolf’s interleukin 2 (IL-2) INDUKINE molecule, in patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumors, when it was trading at $2.70, up $0.55 (+25.6%), on 176.6K premarket shares traded.Its high today is $3.18 and it may run a little harder.This week’s big surprise is that, despite most listings’ disappointing afternoon performance, almost every listing that we covered this week is trading higher today, compared to when we first cover them this week.For example, we covered, VYNE Therapeutics at $2.45 and it hit a high of $3.04 today. Nerdwallet (NASDAQ:NRDS) was trading at $10.44, up $1.10 (+11.78%), on 1.32M shares traded, when we covered it and it hit $12.06 today.ImmunityBio (NASDAQ:IBRX) was trading at $2.75, up $0.27 (+10.93%), on 14.03M premarket shares traded, when we covered it, today it hit $4.05.MeiraGTx (NASDAQ:MGTX) was trading at $4.60, up $0.90 (+24.32%), on 10.74M shares traded, and today it hit $5.45.Coherus BioSciences (NASDAQ:CHRS) is trading at $2.98, up $0.34 (+12.88%), on 17.96M shares traded, and today it hit $3.72.Those were just from Monday and the rest of the week was mostly the same.Thank you for joining us this week. 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