24/7 Market News Weekly Wrap and Watchlist

DENVER, Colo., Jun 07, 2024 (247marketnews.com) –

The Headliners

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories (OTCQB:KBLB) is now in commercial production and looks like it could be setting up for a squeeze.

Brera Holdings (NASDAQ:BREA) responded to European media reports concerning its plans to purchase an Italian professional soccer team and we will continue to cover those developments.

MoBot’s Movers

Roaring Kitty’s GameStop (NYSE:GME)  posts dominated the week, starting Monday’s premarket, and sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the market.

Mobot even alerted AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) at $5.323, in Monday’s premarket, and it hit $5.90 about an hour later and then hit $6.88 in Thursday’s afterhours trading.

Despite the move, MoBot found way more money to be made away from the meme stocks.

Bio-Path Holdings (NASDAQ:BPTH) and Microbot Medical (NASDAQ:MBOT) were two movers with news. MoBot spotted BPTH at $3.223, in Monday’s premarket, and it hit its $4.55 high of the day at the open. MBOT was also alerted in the premarket at $1.253 and it hit its $2.3499 high about an hour after the open.

Affimed N.V. (NASDAQ:AFMD) alerted at $6.045 Monday morning and it hit $8.82 during lunchtime.

Avalon GloboCare (NASDAQ:ALBT) alerted at $0.748, 30 minutes before lunch, and it reached $1.44 that afternoon

MoBot alerted Concord Medical Services (NYSE:CCM) Monday, at $1.264 and $1.097, and multiple times before alerting at $1.422, shortly before the Tuesday’s regular trading session close. MoBot knew that something was cooking and $CCM hit $8.23 during Tuesday’s afterhours.

MicroAlgo (NASDAQ:MLGO) was the week’s biggest mover and MoBot alerted it at $2.235, on Tuesday, and it topped out at $15.00 just before lunch

Mobot alerted Core Scientific (NASDAQ:CORZ) on Tuesday, at $6.165, and it hit a new 52-week high, $8.41, on Friday.

Core Scientific Tranche 2 Warrants (NASDAQ:CORZZ) and Tranche 1 Warrants (NASDAQ:CORZW) were also alerted $4.173 and $2.242, respectively, and they both hit new 52-week highs, $7.34 and $3.31.

mF International (NASDAQ:MFI) alerted at $1.215 and $1.18, Tuesday, and it ran to $2.778 the next premarket.

Actelis Networks (NASDAQ:ASNS) was another massive mover. MoBot alerted it at $1.00 Tuesday afternoon. It hit $6.39 and a new 52 Week high, $4.60, during the regular session

XTI Aerospace (NASDAQ:XTIA) alerted at $2.022 and eclipsed $3 a few minutes later, but then fell apart.

Nuvve Holding (NASDAQ:NVVE) alerted at $1.141. It double topped at $1.73, an hour after the open, and fell just short with its attempt to break through that at noon

China Liberal Education (NASDAQ:CLEU) alerted at $1.356, Wednesday morning, and it hit $3.47 Friday morning.

Vigil Neuroscience (NASDAQ:VIGL) was at $3.345, Wednesday afternoon, and hit $6.06 Friday morning.

AETHLON MEDICAL (NASDAQ:AEMD) alerted at $0.494 in Wednesday’s afterhours and traded as high as $1.25 in the next premarket.

Virax Biolabs (NASDAQ:VRAX) was another Wednesday afterhours alert, at $1.53 and hit $2.796 on Thursday.

Freight Technologies (NASDAQ:FRGT) alerted Wednesday morning, at $1.002, and hit $1.67 about three hours later.

Leafly Holdings (NASDAQ:LFLY) was at $2.096 and $1.934, when it alerted Thursday morning, and traded at $4.22, after Friday’s open.

Venus Concept (NASDAQ:VERO) alerted in early Thursday afterhours trading, at $1.057, and it hit $2.04 about three hours later.

Trinity Place (NYSE:TPHS) alerted at $0.259, on Friday, and nearly doubled.

Spectaire Holdings (NASDAQ:SPEC) and New Horizon Aircraft (NASDAQ:HOVR) are on our watchlist.

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you next week.

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