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DENVER, Colo., Apr 26, 2024- 247marketnews.com, a pioneer in digital media dedicated to the swift distribution of financial market news and information, today publishes an announcement highlighting recent football (“soccer”) industry moves and European media coverage of Brera Holdings PLC (“Brera Holdings” or “Brera”) (NASDAQ:BREA).

Italian media covers Brera Holdings (NASDAQ:BREA) developments

The Game within the Game

Soccer season is in full swing around the world, as most league titles and association cups are coming down to their final rounds.

The domestic cup tournaments are the game within the game and provides fans with the most unique matchups and results, like Manchester United surviving an FA Cup semifinal thriller against second-tier Coventry City, on penalties, following extra time in which Coventry scored a last second winner that was overruled by the video judge for being a toenail offsides, but these aren’t the only battles taking place.

Battles are brewing inside boardrooms across the world; fought with briefcases and accountants working for men who realize that the prestige of owning a professional sports club can also be quite lucrative. The days of sports team owners who are in it for the love of the game are fading.

Aside from the economic benefits, many team owners are driven by the powerful advertising platform that is sports.

In fact, the sporting image is so desirable that “sportswashing”, when bad apples sponsor athletics to cobrand and clean up the bad apple’s image, is now a big problem.

How big?

Suadi Arabia’s Wealth Fund $1 billion LIV Golf sponsorship may be a good start.

Fanbases are similarly opposed to uninterested owners who mismanage the fans’ favorite teams.

While FIFA boasts an estimated 4000 professional teams worldwide as of 2023, only a small portion of those, around 250 teams, play for what many consider to be the top leagues.

Beneath this top tier there are second division teams vying for their respective leagues’ 2 or 3 promotion slots to their premier leagues to replace an equal number of premier league teams that are relegated the following season.

This creates a competitive landscape, as all teams must earn their right to remain in the top flight and teams that put a poor product on the field risk being relegated to a lower division the following season.

North American professional sports shunned the tier model, so no matter how poorly some teams are managed or perform, they still hold one of the few coveted major league spots, and team owners are mostly unwilling to expand.

Imagine the worst NFL teams having to play the following season in the minor leagues. No more teams intentionally tanking, as every player gives it their all and every game matters.

Meanwhile, Italian powerhouse, Juventus, was relegated to Serie B in 2006 and even Manchester United was relegated for one season back in the 70’s. As you can see, there is no too big to fail.

Conversely, second tier club can have estimated valuations as low as 6 million euros, which is why wealthy celebrities like Ryan Renalds, JJ Watt, and others, have been investing time, money, and branding into this sector.

Science Direct’s Sports Economics Review calculated that the rewards for a promoted second tier side have lasting impacts and estimated to add $238-$280 million in value over the next 7 years . Similar negative results follow the unlucky relegation teams.

Forbes estimates that the 30 most valuable soccer teams in the world increased in value by 14%, since last year, with the average value of the top 20 clubs hitting approximately $2.89 Billion, in 2023, with Man U at ~$6 billion, making it one of the most valuable clubs in the world.

The sports industry dynamics and increasing valuations spurred Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase to form divisions dedicated to sports transactions, mergers, and acquisitions.

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Brera Holdings (NASDAQ:BREA) has been on an acquisition spree, buying professional soccer teams in Macedonia, Mongolia and Mozambique and a women’s professional volleyball team. Brera recently announced a $100 million shelf offering to acquire a second-tier team or two. The CEO of Brera, Pierre Galoppi, stated, “In addition to acquiring clubs that have significant upside potential, our goal is to partner with clubs that share our fundamental belief in player culture and development. By aligning Brera with high profile clubs and partners who share our vision, we believe it will unlock several layers of player progression and deliver new revenue streams by building champions, as opposed to buying them.”

On March 19th, TuttoB Series B News reported that the owner of Calicio Lecco 1912 were in negotiations to sell the club, but the talks stalled when the sides couldn’t agree on a sales price. The professional football team has a long history, but has not played in a Serie A since the sixties.

April 18th, BSO Sport stated that a Nasdaq listed company wants to buy Brescia: Offer $20 million. The company Brera Holdings, which has its operational headquarters in Milan: Celino’s response is awaited

On April 19th, Pianeta Seiri B news site reported that Brera Holdings presented Cellino an offer to buy Brescia Calico Club for around $20-25 million euros. Brescia Calcio played in Serie A as recently as the 2018-2019 season and with new partners, additional funding could easily give Brera Holdings a shot at making a big run in Italian soccer.

When asked about the media reports concerning the acquisition process, Daniel McClory, Brera’s Executive Chairman, responded, “While I’m unable to provide any specifics, at this time, I’m more than happy to comment on Italian football’s rich history and culture. Italian professional football tends to be among the best and it’s experiencing a tremendous upswing, as its Serie A already secured one of the two additional UEFA Champions League spots. Serie B is a very strong and desirable league, but developing a Serie B club that’s capable of earning a Serie A promotion is our goal.”

The increased media coverage is taking place just as the Ryan Renalds docuseries Welcome to Wrexham is about to premier season, but that may pale in comparison with what’s just around the corner. The US will be the epicenter of the football world, by hosting the 2024 Copa America, the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup, and the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which the experts project will “explode” the sport’s popularity and even has Newsday asking if US viewership of the 2026 World Cup could exceed the Super Bowl.

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Italian media covers Brera Holdings (NASDAQ:BREA) developments

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