24/7 Market News – Senior Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Leaders Travel to Vietnam for High-level Meetings and Fiber Production Initiatives

Senior Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Leaders Travel to Vietnam for High-level Meetings and Fiber Production Initiatives

Management’s crowded Agenda includes meetings with Governmental Officials and intensive Factory Team Training

DENVER, Colo., June 8, 2022 (24/7 MARKET NEWS)– Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (OTCQB:KBLB) (“Company” or “Kraig Labs”), the biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of spider silk, sends senior members of its US management and research team to Vietnam to support multiple aspects of operations focused on production expansion and development of end markets.

This trip marks the return to normal travel and the participating management team members have a packed agenda for this trip, following the lifting of travel restrictions.

Jon Rice, the Company’s Chief Operations Officer, will be traveling throughout Vietnam to support Kraig Labs’ production expansion and commercialization on several fronts. Rice will be meeting with government officials in multiple provinces to discuss additional lands for production and secure support for the further expansion of the Company’s spider silk technologies. He will hold a series of meetings with a contract silk manufacturer with the goal of securing an agreement for 3rd party silk production. In previous discussions, this manufacturer already outlined a production scale-up plan to produce as much as 200 metric tons of silk per year. Another key goal for this trip will be meetings with Kraig Labs’ joint venture partners, PL Kings, and finalizing plans for the initial product launch under the Spydasilk brand. Rice plans to review textile mills under consideration for the production of the first recombinant spider silk fabric under the Spydasilk brand.

“This is a timely and much-needed trip that will allow us to make the best onsite decisions for Prodigy’s existing operations and the numerous potential expansion opportunities ahead. We’re also excited to bring our US and Vietnam teams together to meet the Company’s evolving needs and address, in person, a diverse list of items that will set the direction of Kraig Labs’ next growth phase,” stated Rice.

The Company is sending its senior scientist, Dr. Miller, to transfer additional process control technologies to the newly formed lab team at Prodigy Textiles, the Company’s wholly-owned Vietnamese subsidiary. Dr. Miller will provide hands-on training for the implementation of several key production initiatives, including the installation of additional laboratory and production equipment, and transferring additional R&D technology. Dr. Miller will devote the majority of his time and efforts to working with new genetic screening protocols and auditing current production processes.

“Dr. Miller’s focus will be on aligning the Prodigy laboratory team members’ efforts with his vision for the laboratory and its role in supporting production growth. This will ensure that the lab team members are optimally trained and positioned to support the production team and cement Prodigy as the top silkworm breeding facility in Vietnam,” concluded Rice.

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