24/7 Market News Memorial Day Weekend weekly Wrap-up

SciSparc Ltd. (NASDAQ:SPRC) announced that its collaboration with Clearmind Medicine Inc. yielded  positive safety profile results from its joint pre-clinical trial, which tested the proprietary combination of SciSparc’s CannAmide(TM) with Clearmind’s psychedelic molecule, MEAI, for alcohol consumption. Shares almost doubled at the open on Tuesday, as it nearly hit $4, and yielded wild price swings since, but this morning SciSparc announced that it will issue 3,546,100 units and pre-funded units at a purchase price of $2.82 per unit (or $0.001 less per pre-funded unit), in an at-the-market priced transaction.

Concert Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CNCE), a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that’s developing small molecule drugs, has made several wave moves since we first covered it, hitting a new 52 week high today of $6.80 and closing today at $5.88, 86 cents higher (+17.13%), on 5,410,143 shares.

The Lexington, Massachusetts based pharmaceutical company recently reported positive topline results for First CTP-543 Phase 3 clinical trial in Alopecia Areata and the highlights included; THRIVE-AA1 Study Meets Primary Endpoint for Scalp Hair Regrowth and Key Secondary Endpoints at Both Doses, Statistically Significant Hair Regrowth Observed as Early as Eight Weeks, CTP-543 Has Potential to be Best-in-Class for the Treatment of Alopecia Areata, and Topline Data from Second Phase 3 Trial, THRIVE-AA2, Expected Third Quarter of 2022

Even though the close is 92 cents off of its high, Concert Pharmaceuticals may still be in play, as a consolidation near this level would be a very healthy response to its recent monster moves, so don’t be surprised if we call this one again.

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