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DENVER, Colo., Jun 11, 2024 (247marketnews.com)- GameStop (NYSE:GME), Nike (NIKE:NKE), and Brera Holdings (NASDAQ:BREA)

Ask any of your investor friends about Keith Gill and you’ll be met with a dead eyed fish stare, but mention Gill’s alter ego, “Roaring Kitty”, and the entire market will hang on your every word. After a three-year hiatus, he resurfaced with an oversized position on GameStop (NYSE:GME) and his thesis is to, once again, trap short sellers and cause a squeeze.

Roaring Kitty and his 965K YouTube followers quickly created their own news cycle, after he unveiled his new position during his first live stream in three years. Rumors and speculation flooded social media and dominated mainstream news, with some variation of “Meme stocks are back”.

We may never know exactly how much Roaring Kitty’s GME influence was worth, but the memester positioned GME to raise billions from separate ATM offerings.

Public companies often use celebrity endorsers to shape their brand’s image, with some of the most successful campaigns often involve sports. While not a direct pitch for the company’s stock, these influencers drive stock performance through increased sales and added brand exposure, like Nike’s (NIKE:NKE) collaborations with Michael Jordan.

While the exact value of these celebrity/influencer collaborations for public companies is hard to quantify, but Adidas reported losing more than $540 million to shut down its Yeezy partnership. Or consider Ryan Reynolds, who lent his name to Aviation Gin, later sold for $600 million, and Mint Mobile, recently sold to T-Mobile for up to $1.35 billion. Reynolds has also applied this approach to his recent purchase of Wrexham AFC, a 5th division Welsh soccer team now playing in League Two. The noted value increase of the team from $2.5 million pre-Reynolds to $11 million is expected to pale in comparison to future valuations as Wrexham aims to become a Premier League contender.

Brera Holdings (NASDAQ:BREA) is another soccer property that’s following the influencer track, when it recently contracted Thaddboii and his “Coach Johnson Universe” to create a show around Brera to engage the 4 billion-plus global soccer fans. Thaddboii has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers, 3.5 million TikTok subscribers, and billions of video views. While it is hard to quantify the exact value this will bring to Brera Holdings, it’s safe to say the diverse soccer community should welcome him and his skits with open arms.

As Thaddboii pitches Brera to his millions of subscribers and soccer fans, Brera will advance its due diligence phase its Serie B acquisition. One can only imagine the news cycle that will follow once the upcoming team acquisition is announced.

Roaring Kitty has shown Wall Street what’s possible when people get behind a company, so it will be exciting to see what Coach Johnson’s Universe does for Brera and Soccer.

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