24/7 Market News Cheat Sheet 5 Sept 2023

(24/7 MARKET NEWS) – this morning’s 15 minutes after the opening bell snap shot.


Ault Alliance Inc. (AULT:AMEX) stated, this morning, that its wholly owned subsidiary plans to sell four recently renovated Midwest hotels, which will allow Ault to focus on its core businesses, including the crane rental business, the California licensed lender, and data center operations, and Ault plans to use the proceeds from the sales of the hotel properties to pay off debt and commit more capital to its core businesses. Ault Alliance is trading at $1.16, up $0.11 (+10.48%), on 13.96M shares traded.

GD Culture Group Limited (GDC:NASDAQ) and AI Catalysis Corp. announced, this morning, that AI Catalysis launched an interactive livestreaming game on TikTok, offering real-time and immersive gaming experience. GD Culture is trading at $3.72, up $0.95 (+34.24%), on 11.03M shares traded.

Verb Technology Company, Inc. (VERB:NASDAQ) announced, this morning, that it completed and launched a technology integration and strategic relationship with TikTok, leveraging TikTok’s Shop feature and evidences VERB’s commitment to amplify MARKET.live’s hosts’, vendors’, and creators’ reach and impact across platforms, which now includes direct access to TikTok’s 150 million US users. Verb Technology is trading at $1.54, up $0.82 (+115.23%), on 15.49M shares traded.

Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. (CLRB:NASDAQ) stated, this morning, that it entered into a securities purchase agreement with certain institutional investors for PIPE that is expected to result in nearly $103M gross proceeds. CLRB Cellectar Biosciences is trading at $2.23, up $0.41 (+22.74%), on 6.63M shares traded.

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. (HSDT:NASDAQ) reported, this morning, that it’s compliant with all applicable Nasdaq listing criteria and is trading at $9.57, up $2.19 (+29.67%), on 2.76M.


Novo Integrated Sciences (NVOS:NASDAQ) is trading at $0.27, up $0.05 (+24.19%), on 41.88M shares.     

T2 Biosystms Inc (TTOO:NASDAQ) is trading at $0.38, up $0.03 (+8.00%), on 18.28M shares.         

LQR House (LQR:NASDAQ) is trading at $1.30, up $0.17 (+15.04%), on 4.43M shares.        


Diversified Healthcare (DHC:NASDAQ) is trading at $2.82, up $0.19 (+7.03%), on 270.63K shares traded after announcing, after Friday’s market close, that it and Office Properties Income Trust mutually agreed to terminate their merger agreement.

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