Month: July 2022

24/7 MN (NASDAQ:TBLT) TOUGH BUILT INDUSTRIES has begun squeezing upwards after yesterdays news. The stock is up 22% this morning in pre-market trading at $7.14 on more than 28,789 trades and 5.5 million in volume. The stock is poised for a breakout

ToughBuilt Industries Expands Market Coverage Via Ace Distribution Deal Toughbuilt Industries Inc (NASDAQ:TBLT) has agreed with Ace Hardware USA and...

24/7 MN (NASDAQ: CDTX) CIDEARA THEREPEUTICS INC shares are moving up more than 14% in pre-market as they announce the submission of a NDA or new drug application to the FDA.

More than 700,000 in volume and 888 trades as of this post. The stock is bid at .79